The Day “My Voice” Appeared!

Most of us walk around asking questions out loud or in our heads. We want to know ‘Why?’ or ‘How did this happen?’ or ‘What’s going to happen?’.  We’ve all done it at one time or another – or- sometimes even everyday. I’d say it’s pretty normal behavior to ask questions without actually directing them to a person, and normally we do not expect a response. But I believe deep down, inside ourselves, we all know there is a way to get to the answer(s) of our questions. Otherwise, why would we (and everyone we know) toss out these questions in the first place?

I learned years ago about this process of getting answers. Here is what I do:  I ask.

Then here’s the hard part: I **wait**  and listen for an answer.

Easy? Well, no not at first! But it will become easier as you learn. The main thing to understand is that this is a 10% to 90% process. 10% is in the asking. The balance is in the listening.  And then it’s another 100% trust or faith.

Here’s a good way to begin….

Have a question, (and no! not ‘what are the winning lottery numbers?’ Ha!), each of us has “big”  “burning” questions: Will I marry? Will I move? And other various things that happen in our day to day lives, about jobs, family matters, health, and as always: about LOVE!  Try asking a ‘small’ question, one that’s almost easy to get answered. For example, ask your ‘Higher Power’ or ‘God,’ or whatever you feel is the center of the Universe, whatever it is you want to know.

My very first experience with “my voice” was when my brother called me and said he was coming into town, and “needed to speak with me!”.  I was concerned, because he & I had our share of tense moments in our lives, especially since my mother had passed over. I felt anxious that he would want to drum up old issues, and I did not want any confrontation with him. I harbored no ill-will; he was my brother, I loved him very much!  But something in my head told me, “Ut oh! Something is up!”  That worried feeling in my stomach told me to take notice!  So I asked: “What does he want? What could he possibly want to “talk” about ?” I asked those two questions, for weeks, over and over, as the impending meeting date approached.

On the day he was coming over, I was in the shower, as the water rained down on me, with my head against the tile,  the questions spilled out of me yet again: “What is he going to say?”  Still nothing. I toweled off and walked into my bedroom, and then a voice, as clear as if someone was standing behind me – whispered into my ear.  It was loud enough and clear as a bell.  The voice said: “He’s not well.”  And that was it! I knew it was true the instant I heard it. I was both relieved and very sad. But it was like. ” Oh! Of course!” It felt right as soon as I heard it, even though it was the furthest thing from my mind.  Sadly, it was confirmed the moment, I laid my eyes on him, seeing his frail pale body walking toward me. My brother confirming what “my voice” told me shook my world! . . . I knew what he was going to say before he said it! My heart was broken, but I was also in complete awe of what happened.

For days after, I kept hearing those words from “my voice.” I kept replaying the sound of the voice in my head. It was my spirit guide. My truth teller.  I could not let this pass. I was floored!  And I later recognized this was the beginning of my true spiritual awakening!

As time went on, I’ve realized this is not exclusive to me, or just a select few, but to everyone! We all have intuition!  We have to learn to be patient. Wait until it’s right for the universe to give that information. So you must listen for it! Pay attention to the signs. They may be oh-so subtle. Or as clear as a voice in your ear or head. But always trust it, and do not let logic take over. You have to believe that you are a vibration in the universe and that if you tune in, and let it be known that you are an open willing recipient of this information, you can hear vibrations or answers ( or more!) from other planes in the universe.

So go ahead! Try it! Try this exercise: think of someone in your life. Make your intention pure, and have it come from love.  Then pull them – their image – their laugh, or whatever sticks out about them for you, into your mind. And make that like a snap shot or mini movie. Think about that over in your head whenever you have a moment or a quiet time..but often…several times a day. Before you know it, the phone will be ringing or an email will show up in your inbox, or you will run into them on the street!  But it will happen.  The more you practice this, the more it will come.  And when it does, *do not* forget to thank the universe, acknowledge that you understand and are grateful for this gift of information. The more you are thankful and grateful, the more the universe and your spirit guides will do for you.

And the last tidbit about this I wish to share is: patience. Remember, things will be revealed to you as they are meant to be, and sometimes, when you ask, and you don’t get an answer; it’s not necessarily because ‘it’s not working!’  . . .  maybe, just maybe it’s because it’s not time to get that information, or the answer is “no”.  But in either of these cases, you will have a ‘knowing’ that’s the answer. . . . if you listen.

So try it, and let me know how it works!

Remember: ask, believe, trust, and listen.

love & peace :)

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