Know the Feeling

I have this odd sort of feeling when I know things will happen.  So many times I have a ‘knowing’ about things.

I’ve had a health issue for a couple of years, which has required surgeries and somewhat constant physician monitoring. Recently, I had a scan that showed “something”.  To figure out what this ‘something’ was turned out to be a fairly complex process.

So, I decided to ask some friends in high places to wiggle their noses and get me an ‘audience’ with “whoever is the best in the business”.  I needed to hear another voice.  (not just the ones in my head!)

I received a call from the ‘inside’ and was told  3 doctors’ names; the moment I heard this particular Dr.’s name,  I *knew* I would see him. Yet when I called his assistant I was met with a wall, and a long list of reasons to pass on a consultation with him. The stream of demands/distractions: ‘he’s going on vacation’, ‘in surgery’, etc.,. ‘but send your history, and we will have a look.’ was endless. The assistant even said, “I bet he is going to refer you to another doctor in this group, because he is not taking any new patients.” This information didn’t even phase me. They basically continued to line up the hoops, and I continued to jump through; because I was certain I was going to see this doctor!

So, I did everything they asked, and peppered it with my trademark humor, and in a matter of hours, it was evident that my meticulous record keeping of my medical history, and my gut instinct, was going to pay out….

I got the call!  “He will see you”.   SNAP!

I guess the point I am trying to make – once again – is:  LISTEN!   I believe we all have this. You know that feeling you get when you meet someone, and the red flag is flying up in your face: Beware!  Or, when your boss tells you ‘not to worry’, but the sinking feeling in your stomach in saying something else:  Pay attention!

So now I have a question….

What do you think *is* our intuition??  Do you agree that we all have it?  I’m interested in hearing what you think.

Please reply here, or feel free to in-box me.

Peace :)

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  1. Meaghen says:

    I *think* intuition is a still awareness, an attention to feelings and sensations in your body that come from information your subconscious has taken in. Seems the more you practice tuning into that, the more “intuitive” one becomes. Have to be willing to be here now in this body though. I’m working on it!

    One thing I know is that you are really good at this “knowingness”.

  2. Lisa says:

    So this is my confusion. How do you know the difference between intuition and paranoia? I often have these ‘ feelings’ but I don’t trust them, yet. Is there a definitive turning point? When do you ‘ know’?

  3. loridamato says:

    Thanks for the question! I’ve had a few people ask me this.

    So, for me, the difference is in how it feels. This is a mindset.
    When a feeling is strong inside, I pay attention. If it’s strong enough to get my attention more than once or twice, I ask: “is that real?” Or I’ll ask, “what do you want me to know?”
    There are ways to know that what you’re being given, an “answer” or a “lead” or “hint” is real. I get goosebumps (which many psychics call: “truth-bumps”). Whenever you get that feeling of goosebumps, that tingling, you can rest assured you are tapping into what you’re meant to learn and know! There are times, when the information comes to you without even asking! There are signs given to all of us regularly. A familiar car drives by, that can be a link to your question. A song comes on the radio. Or many times things seem to drop from the sky into our consciousness. I have dreams; thats how i get my best information.
    So, if you go on the premise that “there are NO coincidences”, and truly believe that to be true, then there is no delusional information.
    Everything you are given, you are meant to have.
    Most of the time, what we are given are lessons; which helps our evolution in this lifetime. You will know when it’s real information, the signs will be clear as can be. The ‘sign’ or information, can help you, hurt you, make you happy, or piss you off! And then, it’s up to *you* what you want to do with the information.
    All intuitive information given to us is a gift.
    I cant say this enough to people: Trust yourself and thank the universe for signs that have already been put in your path.

    lori :)

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