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As you’ve noticed I like to write. I enjoy putting my thoughts out there for comment & discussion. It’s cathartic for me, and it’s fun to say what I need to in the fewest possible words, because (as I’ve been told) verbally, there are times when I can’t stop blabbering. <shocker> I try to be clever, and make people want to read what I have to say.

I began to journal regularly when I was in my twenties, my brother asked me if I “journaled”. “You mean a diary?”, thinking back to when I spewed all my most private moments into my pink heart diary with a lock that assured privacy, only to find out my mother broke into it and used that information to punish me. So no! I did not journal. But the idea appealed to me, and I embarked on many years of doing it on and off. Some of the journals I’ve kept, some I’ve tossed. I even burned one. ( talk about cathartic!)    Those journals helped me through my most private times of bliss and anguish. They celebrated my triumphs, and failures in life and love, peppered with heart doodles, and different colored inks. They were also wrinkled and stained with tears mourning the passing of loved ones, and bumps in my life. Those books served their purpose fully. They helped me process my life and my emotions at that moment. The journals time-stamped my life! What a gift to (re)read through them, proud of growth, and realizing the *same* issue that plagued me still somehow remains unresolved many years later. Lessons.  Those private books, along with some therapy, helped me through my life. Recently, I asked some of  my friends if they  “journal”.  A resounding “no”.  Yet they all sit before computers daily, using facebook, twitter, google+ and/or the 10 or so other social media “outlets” and they share everything from the weather, to headaches, elation about bargains found, photos of children, vacations, and every single thing that happens in their house, and work, and life. Oh, and don’t forget politics! (oy!)   Some have cleverly mastered how to do this in 140 characters or less. (guilty) Yet, others call out “friends” and use these outlets to ‘diss’ someone, be hurtful, share a secret, or be covert in wanting to “share” without saying it to someone’s face using hashtags. Don’t get me wrong, social media is great to see photos of your grandkids births, or those who live 2000 miles away winning championships, or reconnecting with high school pals, etc.             Social media IS social journaling.

So now here we are. Our ‘stuff’ is  *out there* for the world to see. It’s certainly not a private journal, it’s public. It’s not a book that you close, put on a shelf, and shield from the world. It’s out into the universe. And for me, this is where this all gets dicey. See, I believe with all my heart in God, The Universe, and what we put out is what we get back.  Simply stated: Karma.  To read on a feed, negative thoughts, bad things about others, foul language, etc., it’s not only not fun, but it makes me worry!  There are literally billions of status’ and tweets every day. All of those thoughts are floating in the universe. We think because we said them, that’s healing, and while it may help at that moment . . . it will not help collectively. I feel we should be more responsible with our posts.

Negative thoughts attract more negativity.  Think about how those negative comments mount and add up. How much negative energy is the social media venue heaping upon humankind, without ever considering the effects on us collectively! What do you think would happen if every one of  500 million people on Facebook, and 175 million people on Twitter put an uplifting, happy, positive comment on their status’?  Now that would be amazing to see!

Last night, I saw “The Lorax”, Dr. Seuss; in which there was a line: (loosely stated):

” …it’s not the information, it’s what you <we> do with it.”

So maybe before you vent on the internet, to the entire world, a negative comment, think about how its just not helpful to the universe, and how it could <read: will>  come back to you!  Then try to flip it around to make it positive! Or if you must get it out, go buy a journal, where you can write anything you wish, and it will not negatively impact the universe.

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  1. Art says:

    That was not only very passioned writing but also a very real reality check!! I couldn’t agree more with the negativity that our world is starting to embrace. I choose to not get involved with social media for that reason. My “Real” friends and family know how to contact me. It’s easy, Google for petes sakes. It’s time for people to keep it real!! There will never be a “journal” to be found on my life after I pass on, no legacy to talk about, but my “true”friends and family will really know how I conducted my life while I was here because they actually took the time out of their day to look me up or keep in touch. Cyber space “friends”, I don’t need them. If it’s good for you….Great…I have no problem with that. I’m just saying that what goes on sometimes needs to be kept in house and not out there for the world to judge.

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